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McDonnell Douglas TA-4J Aircraft For Sale
Price as equipped: $5.95M

Aircraft Type McDonnell Douglas TA-4J
   Date of Manufacture 1972
   Manufacturers SN 14291
   Total Time since New approx 4,490 hrs
   Engine Type/Model Pratt & Whitney J52-P8B
   Takeoff Thrust Rating 9,300 lbs
   Engine Total Time 6,700 hrs
   Last Inspection Hrs/Date 6,700 hrs/08July2005
   Last Test Cell Run 6,700 hrs/08July2005
   Component/Limiting Time Remaining RR Cmprsr Turb Shaft/455 hrs
Additional Engine Information  
   Engine History/Maintenance Records Supplied - on CD
   Last Maintenance Facility SAFE Air Ltd, New Zealand
   Last Inspection 750 hr MEI/SAFE Air Ltd
   Engine Condition Serviceable - SAFE Air Ltd
   Insert Text Insert Text


Complete, ground up restoration of N518TA, to the exacting standards we require, is nearing completion. Mike McDougall, of Fighting Classics Aircraft Restoration, Tucson, AZ has directed all restoration work on this aircraft.

Aircraft Refurbishment and Inspection Details:

  • Complete Overhaul/IRAN.
  • Unnecessary equipment removed to reduce the empty weight of the aircraft.
  • Wing X-ray and visual inspection per McDonnell Douglas/Navy Maintenance Manual - report included.
  • Forward Fuselage section inspected - all major components removed for overhaul and NDT inspection - reports included.
  • Wing components removed for overhaul, NDT and visual inspection.
  • Aft fuselage section X-ray, overhaul to TA-4 specification.
  • Aft fuselage section components removed for overhaul, NDT and visual inspection - reports included.
  • All wing and tail bolts and bushings inspected/magnafluxed - reports included.
  • Pitot Probe relocated to vertical fin per Navy ASC. Pitot-Static hoses/lines replaced.
  • Hydraulic System - All components removed/overhauled/tested. All system fluids flushed and replaced.
  • All Hydraulic System filters cleaned and/or replaced - aluminum fittings replaced with stainless steel.
  • Electrical System - nearly every wire replaced, marked and installed per Navy Maintenance Manual electrical schematics. Unecessary (bombing/targeting etc) electrical components removed.
  • Fuel System - all components removed/overhauled/tested or replaced as required. Integral wing tanks pressurized and leak checked.
  • Borescope of Engine - report included. Engine history/records included.
  • Complete Landing Gear overhaul.
  • New Nose and Main Wheel Bearings.
  • New Nose and Main Wheel Tires.
  • New Brake Pucks.
  • Complete cockpit refurbishment and detailing.
  • All warning lights, switch nomenclature, and required placards remarked with original silkscreen backlit panels.
  • Paint: Complete strip, etch, prime and paint to buyer's color specifications included.
  • All markings and decals applied.
  • All screws and fasteners cad-plated or stainless.
  • Dash-1 (NATOPS Flight Manual) - included (CD).
  • TA-4J Aircraft Pilot's Checklist - included.
  • Complete Maintenance Manuals included (CD).
  • Includes FAA approved Maintenance Manual.
  • Aircraft weighed and a new weight and balance prepared.
  • N518TA will be delivered certified for flight in the Experimental-Exhibition Category.
  • Ground and flight training is available by an experienced and certified A-4 examiner. Minimum checkout time is 10 hours. Cost not included in price.

Avionics Package Included in Price:

1 Sandel SN4500 Attitude Indicator
1 Sandel SN4550 EHSI
1 Garmin GNS400W GPS (WAAS)
1 Collins AHS1000S Attitude Heading Reference System
2 Collins VHF22 VHF Communications System
1 Collins VIR32 NAV/GS/MKR Navigation System
1 Collins TDR94  Transponder - Mode S
3 Collins CTL22 Communications Control
1 Collins CTL32 Navigation Control
1 Collins CTL94 Transponder Control
2 NAT AA12-001 Audio/ICS System
1 RC Allen RCA26BK9 Attitude Indicator (Aft Seat)
1 Sandel SN3500 EHSI (Aft Seat)
1 Sandel SG102 AHRS (Aft Seat)
1 Honeywell KMD150 MFD (with GPS)
2 Comant CI108 Com Antenna (high speed)
1 Comant CI 105 Transponder Antenna
1 Comant CI 120GS Nav/GS Antenna
1 Comant CI 507 NAV/GS Diplexer
1 Comant CI 110-40 DME/Transponder Antenna
1 Comant CI 110-40 DME/Transponder Antenna
2 Davtron M877B Chronometer/elapsed time indicator
1 Davtron M803 OAT / Voltmeter

Inspection Status:

Inspection ItemTime/Date Due
12 Month Condition Inspection Due Insert text
Insert text Insert text
Insert text Insert text
IFR Static System Check Insert text
ELT Battery Insert text
Oxygen Bottle Hydrostatic Check Insert text
Fire Extinguisher Weigh Insert text


  • 679gal/4583lbs internal fuel
  • Flight Hour Recorder
  • Dual Controls
  • Avionics Master Switch
  • Oxygen System xx cu ft.
  • Emergency Locator Beacon
  • Standby Attitude Indicator
  • Ground Service Plug
  • Standby Generator (RAT)
  • Available options:

    • Autopilot.
    • Strobe lights.
    • Ejection seat made operational.
    • Aircraft Specifications:

        Weights and Loading Weight in Lbs
        Approximate Empty Weight* 10,000*
        Max internal weight 24,500
        Max internal and external fuel using 2 x 300 gallon Aero 1-D wing tanks 8,633
        *Empty weight depends on avionics installed
        Fuel Load (useable) gal/lbs
        Wing/Fuselage Tanks 679/4,583
        2 x 300 Gal Under Wing Tanks 600/4,050
        Basic Performance Data (for a/c weight 16,000lbs) US
        Maximum level speed 660 Kts/.95M
        Stall Speed (Approach Power/Clean) 122 Kts
        Stall Speed (Approach Power/Full Flaps & Slats) 105 Kts  
        Maximum sustained climb rate 9,000 ft/min
        Time to climb to 20,000 ft 2.5 minutes
        Range (with Under Wing Tanks): 971 Nautical Miles
        Endurance (with Aero 1-D wing tanks) 4 Hours  
        Takeoff distance over 50 ft obstacle 2,275 ft
        Landing Ground Roll. 4,625 ft  
        Maximum Altitude 65,000 ft  
        Dimensions Feet
        Wing Span 27' 6"
        Length 42' 7"
        Height 15' 3"
        Wing Area 260 sq ft